The Stakes : Real Estate Ecosystem

Simplify Realty Engagement and go Virtual

We accelerate sales for Real Estate by automating & optimising how users interact and engage with you.
the impact : Accelerated, Remote, Amazing

We have empowered over 20K+ virtual site visits and inventory sales estimated to be +$25 million in last 18 months!

Enabling virtual sales & showcase at over 60+ projects including those of
The Priority : Customer Experience

Virtual-First Experience

The Next Generation of buyers is tech savy & expects nothing but delightful engagement, remotely, and we deliver!
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Interactive Engagement
Templatised offerings to engage users with immersive visualisation, AI guides, interactive VR & more.
Real Time Lead Analytics
Individual & Cohort level Bahaviour Data for use in decision making or to personalise live Sales calls.
Optimized User Journey
Digitised Forms with Automated Authentication & Sale Agreements for seamless experience
The Process : One Word, Effortless

Setup & Ready on a Schedule

Neat and to-the-point onboarding to get you started so seamlessly that your projects will be live before you even really notice.
Add Project Details &
Compliance Information
Add Inventory Info,
Specifics & Floorplans
Setup Custom Virtual Sales
Gallery with Guided tours
Add executives, embed
in your workflows & go live
The Experience : Simply Amazing

Fast, Simple & Available, Always.

Enrich every step of your customers interaction with your projects, from exploration to transactions, agreements, & beyond.
Interactive Virtual
For immersive exploration of the project's various aspects by customers
Executive Guided
Virtual Tours
Tours of the project by your executives with the virtual experience and video calls
Manage Inventory &
Leads in one place
Adv availability & grouping controls with per unit discount machanisms
One Ecosystem
VR to Agreement
Integrated tools to cater to the end to end customer experience of your project
Mapped out
Seamless experience for every step of user's engagement with you
Lead Engagement Reports & Analytics
Access behaviour data per lead to personalise sales calls & business decisions
Integrations thru
API Templates
Recieve marque customer actions in CRMs by setting up APIs as per our template
Channel Partners & Lead Attribution
Manage leads coming from registered partners, & on-board new ones, no hassle
The Focus : Intrigue, Engage, Convert, Repeat

Realty needs Tech Disruption

Stand out amongst everyone and offer an inspiring experience that incentivises transparency and quick decisions. We dont want to replace site-visits, we wan to augment them.
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Case Studies

Assisting Realty Sales of over $25M in India
Coming Soon. How we went live for a client in under a week and helped their sales.
How Realty Advisories are leveraging our platform
Coming Soon. How one of the top firms is taking their game to the next level with us.
Engaging audience from across the world virtually
Coming soon. How we are enabling overseas realty sales presentations, remotely.

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